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Upcoming events


  • Virtual Gathering of GLAM (Greater Los Angeles Mappers) 
    22 Aug 2020 | via Teleconference (Zoom)
    including presentations by  Bill Warren on a 1932 pictorial map of LA, Nick Kanas on the Lescaux cave paintings as the earliest map of the heavens, Steve Hanon on the 17th century "Visscher series" of maps of New England with views of New Amsterdam/New York City, Tom Paper on exploring maps, and five minute discussions of various maps of interest to members.  To view, click here.

  • Virtual meeting of California Map Society
    25 Apr 2020 | via Teleconference (Zoom)
    including presentations by Courtney Spikes on "Paris" and by Fred DeJarlais and Juliet Rothman on "Calafia".  To view, click here.

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